• 15 years experience in the development and execution of:
    • Brand Development
    • Logo Identities
    • Websites
    • Advertising Campaigns
    • Trade Shows
    • Marketing Support Materials/Brochures
    • Direct Mail/Email
    • Packaging
    • Signage
Work History
  • Creative development for business-to-business, business-to-consumer and political-to-constituency markets
  • History of serving large corporate clients, as well as small regional businesses
  • “Virtual” business model that can save you money

Below the Surface of Lake Creative Communications...

You don’t necessarily need deep pockets for standout marketing and advertising. But you do need a certain depth of experience.

Lake Creative Communications wants to be the go-to source you can trust for professional, high-end, creative development for all of your marketing/advertising projects by providing honest work at fair prices, typically below that of traditional, regional and/or neighboring urban agencies.

15 years experience in the marketing communications business.

Brand development to websites, advertising campaigns to trade shows ...whether it’s print, web, trade show or TV/radio... it’s part of the Lake Creative Communications repertoire, for business-to-business, business-to-consumer as well as the political arena.

Experience in every genre of marketing communications for virtually all types of businesses, means you can come to Lake Creative with any project and feel confident in our services. With a long history of working in large agencies and smaller design shops, the exposure to global (e.g. Heinz USA, Minitab, Inc., Granville Composite Products) and local clientele (eg. Kennywood, Seven Springs, Penn State Athletics, Original Waffle Shop, Bonfatto’s Wing Sauce & Marinade) has brought knowledge galore, an extensive portfolio of award-winning work samples and an impressive work history.

Creativity is paramount.

Creativity is cool, but only cool if you can apply it strategically and effectively to a project. Lake Creative will look at projects first with budget in mind, and then generate solutions that are as out-of-the-box as possible. The whole point is to make you stand out your market area, so even though every project need not be a “piece of art”, it’s worth looking at it a little differently, because it can be the difference that puts your product or service over your competitions’.

Delivering “big city” creative without the “big city” price tag.

Lake Creative Communications is a full-service marketing communications agency, only when it needs to be (e.g. a “virtual” agency). You may hear this a lot of these days, but what it means in regard to Lake Creative is, you have access to top-flight talent, without the high-end price tag.

We’ve cultivated industry relationships over many years, giving you access to a network of partners with true expertise from all walks of marketing communications life; writing, programming, photography, you name it. Whatever it takes to see the job through—and most importantly, ONLY what it takes to see the job through. That means we will secure the budget you’ve set forth.

And when these folks are brought in, only Lake Creative brings them to you without mark up. (Take that, competitors!)