Mark Dello Stritto

Mark Dello Stritto

Loaded Creative

Matt DeWyer

Matt DeWyer


This month’s highlighted partners from
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The resources you see here are part of the Lake Creative Communications Network of Partners (What a crew!), and we’ll stand with any one of these talents to see to it your message is heard. In turn, the resources at their disposal can also be brought on board.

At Lake Creative, we custom-build unique teams of experienced marketers, graphic designers, developers, photographers, display suppliers and more—extensive, focused talent, tailored to fit your specific needs and budget.

And since there’s virtually no overhead with the Lake Creative structure? Our rates are typically lower than traditional ad agencies. Bonus!

Mark D. Dello Stritto

Loaded Creative President, Creative Director
State College, PA

Loaded Creative President and Creative Director Mark Dello Stritto has a 15-year background in marketing and advertising – having cut his creative teeth in the mid-nineties as an Art Director and Graphic Designer for two award-winning super-regional Advertising Agencies in Pittsburgh, PA. The tremendous experience of his early career across local, national and international brands – prompted Mark to jump on an opportunity to relocate to the State College area and work for an Agency based in Happy Valley, prior to striking out on his own.

The driving force of this decision to establish Loaded Creative was one of simplicity: Mark believed Central Pennsylvania could do better than it’s currently doing as far as marketing and advertising is concerned. As a seasoned Designer, Art Director, Producer and traditional Agency veteran, Mark readily saw that the regional market could benefit from a fresh infusion of higher-level work and intensive creative thinking. He saw an opportunity to offer high-end creative without being high-priced. Mark understood how a region built on common-sense values could gravitate to the simple idea that marketing dollars should yield better results for clients large and small.

Mark and his wife have lived in the State College area for over eight years and are enamored with Happy Valley and Central Pennsylvania. They have one daughter, Anna. (His greatest creative endeavor to date!)

Matt DeWyer

Web Developer / Programmer
Myrtle Beach, SC

Matt is an entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to admit he’s a nerd. At 25 years old, he has already owned two businesses and has worked on hundreds of websites. Matt grew up in rural central Pennsylvania, but that didn’t stop him from getting hooked on computers at an early age. By his early teens he was building websites for local individuals and businesses, and hosting websites across the US; eventually turning his endeavors into a business.

Over the years Matt has made many contacts throughout the US, and has worked on many sites for regional, national and international brands. Matt enjoys working most in PHP and MySQL databases, and loves building interactive elements in Javascript. No matter the size of the site or project, Matt thoroughly enjoys website development and the relationships that are built through it.

Matt recently moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in his pursuit of warmer weather.