Shannon Lake

Shannon Lake

Creative/Art Director
Amateur Photographer
Project Manager

Work History

Marketing, Advertising & Graphic Design That Creates A Splash.

What’s Lake Creative Communications all about?

The focus here is creative. Developing sound, strategic and eye-grabbing creative to support what YOU do, plain and simple.

We’re all about learning everything we can about what you do, what you need and what you want … so that we can then do what we do best: Craft, design and execute marketing communications that meets or exceeds your business need. Or graphic design need. Or advertising campaign need. Or…you get the idea.

From logo development through complete brand identity development…to business collateral and website development…to arresting print, packaging and trade show creations that stand and deliver, Lake Creative Communications knows these waters – has been on top of them for 15 years. And can navigate them better than most.

And while a seasoned, award-winning designer stands firmly in our wheelhouse, the Lake Creative Communications boat is filled with an experienced crew that can be called upon as your unique situation demands. That means if you need a writer, photographer or web developer, we have one for you.

And if you don’t need one, you’re not paying for one anyway.

We’re all about making the marcomm development process, the creative process; and the pursuit of the right message at the right time to the right audience…easier. Better. Smarter.

And less expensive than you might expect.